Coach Build & Manufacturing

LIMO, BUS LIMO SVCS TRUCK FLEET SVCS. is a N.H.T.S.A Certified Coach/Limo/Bus Manufacturer. We manufacturer anything up to 60,000 lbs. We keep like to put safety first. The simple list below shows how our coach building is done. From start to finish.

  • Step #1

    Choosing a vehicle you’d like to stretch or design.

  • Step #2

    Taking everything out the vehicle. From seats, dashboards, accessories, etc.

  • Step #3

    Cutting the vehicle in the right section.

  • Step #4

    Stretching the vehicle to the desired length. Adding steel & support for the vehicle.

  • Step #5

    Body frame work is done.

  • Step #6

    After sanding the vehicle, we then paint the vehicle to the desired color.

  • Step #7

    Electrical wiring is now done, for air conditioning/heating, sound systems, etc.

  • Step #8

    Seats, Fiber optic lighting, drink bar, other accessories are added now.

  • Step #9

    The vehicle is now complete!

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