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My name is Dave. I opened my first repair shop business in 1992 in Uniondale, New York. I was trained at Chrysler, General Motors and Ford Tech schools.

From 1983 to 1987 I worked for General Motors. There I also attended their school specializing in drivability courses. After my four years with General Motors I moved to Ford Motor Company. There I worked for several years and became a master automotive technician.

In 1992 I opened my own repair shop with four bays. Within a few months I was doing so well that I hired a crew of five men, that I am proud to say are still with me to this day. My work is considered outstanding by industry standards due to our highly skilled workmanship and extensive knowledge in automotive repairs. It was not long before I needed to double my staff as business increased. In 1998 I was offered and accepted a sizable offer for my business. Shortly thereafter I opened another even larger business. A 15,000 square foot building in Bellmore. There I continued to work on limousines and buses in collaboration with the manufacturers whom I worked with since 1995.

Through the years I have gained a tremendous amount of experience and expertise. When cars left their respective plants with grave mistakes the manufactures would direct their customers to my facility confident in my ability to fix these complex errors. I repaired vehicles at my facility and actually have had customers come from as far as the west coast for my work. I studied the faults and issues respectively and was able, at times, to fix some problems via the phone or computer. This has enabled me to assist clients as far away as South Africa. I have worked with websites and contributed literature on issues when the manufactures had gone out of business and closed there doors.

Recently I flew out to California and personally assisted 11 coach builders, which are part of the N.H.T.S.A. program, on structural build for buses that were built for the limo industry. My knowledge of all the particular structural guidelines enabled their recognition for the product they were building to be inspected as a bus under the Federal and State Rule. Due to my participation we have placed 100% of these manufactured vehicles into service safely. Today, with the correct safety specs needed to become a bus, we are one facility that can remodify and comply a vehicle into a bus.

We will not get rid of an SUV limo and spend money for a new one when we can re-manufacture it and turn it into a bus with no problem. I have expended this effort and care in reducing cost and turning this into a marketable and viable product. In addition we will be contending with Limousine Full Inspection under D.O.T. and will be closely involved in answering any and all questions that clients will have. We run a complete facility 7 days a week and have drive-on lifts 48 foot long. We work on double decker buses with open roofs and closed limo style and shuttle as well as all and every type of limousine. Heating and air conditioning systems can be built from scratch to create a pleasant atmosphere in the limo bus and limousine.

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